"In my Father's house are many mansions...
      I go to prepare a place for you...
         I will come back and take you to be with me..."
John 14:1-4

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Curtis A. Cates was born in Phenix City, Alabama, to Curtis C. and Margaret A. Cates. His father was a gospel preacher of more than fifty years, in South Alabama and Northwest Florida. Curtis A. Cates was graduated from Alabama Christian High School; Alabama Christian College (now Faulkner University) A.A., B.S.; Livingston University, B.S.; Samford University, M.S.; and Southern Christian University (now Amridge University), M.R.E., M. Th. He earned the Doctor of Education degree from the University of Alabama. He did further graduate study in Abilene Christian University. .

Brother Cates married Annette Bingham on October 29, 1960. They have two children, Curtis A. (Andy), Jr. (a 2000 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching), who is married to the former Michelle Cicchetto, and Daniel F. (a 1992 graduate of Memphis School of Preaching) who is married to the former Michelle Lea Jones. They also have four grandchildren. Annette (B.S.; M.L.S.), who heads the N. B. Hardeman Library of the Memphis School of Preaching, has written many articles for journals, teaches library orientation to incoming Memphis School of Preaching students, authored the Spiritual Sword Fifteen Year Index, and writes a monthly column in The Gospel Journal entitled .One Woman.s Perspective.. Brother Cates delivered his first sermon at the Founder's Day Oratorical Contest of Alabama Christian College, May, 1958, and began regular preaching in January, 1960, in Saville, Alabama. During fifty-two years of preaching, he preached full-time in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, as well as preaching in gospel meetings in numerous states, as well as in Singapore, Klang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Murmansk, Russia. He frequently appears on major lectureships, including having delivered lectures in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Additionally, he conducts lectures and workshops on Christian evidences, leadership in the church, religious education and teaching, The Book of Job and human suffering, et al. For forty years, Curtis A. Cates has been training gospel preachers. He was a professor for three years at Faulkner University; was Dean of the College, Columbia Christian College, Portland, Oregon, and was a professor and Academic Vice President of Southern Christian University (now Amridge University) for twelve years. He served as Director of Memphis School of Preaching for twenty-four years, where he serves as Director Emeritus and teaches. He also is on the graduate faculty of the Turner School of Theology, Amridge University (forty years). His numerous years of training gospel preachers and church leaders through the extensions of Southern Christian University (Amridge) carried him to teach in thirty cities in ten states. His undergraduate and graduate classes were attended by more than one thousand preachers, Bible class teachers, and elders. Brother Cates is the Editor (and is on the Board of Directors) of The Gospel Journal. For nineteen years, he was the director (and editor of the book) of the annual Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship. He is author of The Noahic Flood: Science and the World That Was (printed in Russian and English); Worship: Heaven's Imperative or Man's Innovation?; The "Core/Bull's Eye Gospel" Concept Refuted; The A.D. 70 Theology, A Religion that Overthrows the Faith and Undermines the Hope of Men; A Comprehensive Study of Unity; and Does the Holy Spirit Operate Directly Upon the Heart of a Saint? A Review of Calvinism among the Lord's People. In addition, he has been a contributor to countless lectureship books and brotherhood periodicals. He has taught virtually all the Old and New Testament books, Christian Evidences, Hermeneutics, Biblical Archaeology, Denominational Dogmas, et al., in addition to other college disciplines such as science, English, and education.

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